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  • Duct leakage testing
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Gas leak detection
  • Ultrasonic leak detection

Hindsight Infrared Services - Energy Efficient Homes are Built with Hindsight

Infrared Residential and Commercial Energy Audits and Surveys
Certified New Home Energy Advisor # 7115/1671
EnerGuide certification
ENERGY STAR certification

Our focus is on the energy-efficient home. From the blueprint design stage through the final testing, we provide our clients with the most information possible regarding their new energy-efficient home or building.

After you register for the service and pay the enrollment fee, we model your home’s design from your submitted blueprints in the latest HOT2000 software, which allows our clients to see where their new home’s EnerGuide rating is at plan stage.

We will meet with our clients to discuss options for upgrade to reach their energy efficiency goals for their new home and available government rebates to assist with those upgrades. We work along with our clients to assist in coming up with the right combination of upgrades for optimum energy savings and rebates.

We can provide detailed pre-drywall inspections, which include infrared imaging, visualizing moisture issues, insulation deficiencies and air infiltration problems instantly and without destructive testing. We can also provide duct leakage testing and testing of ventilation for compliance with ASHRAE 62.2 requirements. This service helps ensure that the Building Envelope is viewed at the crucial time before all is covered, checking the building wrap, insulation, vapour barrier and air sealing.

Proper air sealing and insulation placement is crucial to achieving a tight building envelope. The Building Code and code inspectors only address the minimum requirements of these.

When your home is near completion, call to set up your air tightness test and final inspection. A final thermal scan is also done at this time; please allow 72 hours’ notice in advance to allow for scheduling. Set the appointment for the week before you are to move in and ensure all mechanical apparatus are clearly marked with model number and rated outputs.

We will then perform the final computer simulation of the home to determine the final EnerGuide for New House rating the new house will receive.

A report will be generated along with your EnerGuide for New Houses label, which will be mailed to your address. Allow three to four weeks for processing.
Hindsight is fully insured and certified. We believe that truly energy efficient homes are homes built with Hindsight.

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