Insulation Inspections

Insulation Inspections for HRM Homes & Businesses

Of course potential homebuyers and purchasers of commercial and industrial buildings have those structures inspected before signing an agreement. But did you know that traditional home inspectors cannot target specifically where the structure is losing energy?

Thermal Images Reveal Gaps in Insulation
That’s why infrared inspections from Hindsight Infrared Services are so crucial. With our high-tech tools, we’re able to pinpoint exactly where heat loss occurs. Places where insulation batts were carelessly placed or are missing show up clearly in a thermal image taken under the right conditions.

Poorly Installed Insulation
It isn’t easy to install insulation to the standards of the Model Energy Code (MEC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and we at Hindsight Infrared Services have found a shocking number of instances where insulation was incompletely or incorrectly installed. Such oversight, which is not atypical, significantly impairs a building’s ability to keep out cold or to keep air-conditioned air inside. If you hope to have an energy-efficient building that wastes little, it pays to know your insulation.

Avoid Serious Issues
Why? Because a poorly insulated home or building will be costly to heat or cool. You could see increased water intrusion, leading to increased mould growth and structural damage. Hindsight Infrared Services can stave off these serious issues by using thermal imaging to construct a map of structural elements and existing insulation.

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At Hindsight Infrared Services, we’ll use our thermal imaging tools to work with you to make sure your insulation is complete, correctly installed and well-maintained. If you would like a quote or more info, please fill out this form or click on the link to book an inspection.
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