Moisture & Water Intrusion Surveys

Is Water Penetrating Your Middle Sackville Home or Building?

Everyone knows that too much moisture in a home or other building is a disaster waiting to happen, from mould growth to severe structural damage. And mould is quick to grow -- it only takes 24 hours to begin to fester in damp areas, causing allergies and asthma. Moreover, a building that has been structurally compromised by water intrusion can show ruined insulation, corroded metals, rotten wood, deteriorated concrete, crumbling bricks and mortar and ugly stains on the exterior.

We’ll Save You from Significant Expense
Both of these reasons show why it’s so important to find ways that water and moisture are entering your home or building. Infrared technology is an excellent tool for moisture and leak detection. At Hindsight Infrared Services, our infrared cameras easily detect the source of leaks and the presence of moisture early, so you can address the problem before it becomes costly.

An infrared and water survey can help:

  • Detect moisture and control mould growth
  • Determine the amount of water intrusion
  • Point out wet / damaged drywall and insulation
  • Find hidden moisture in walls and ceilings
  • Prove to your insurance adjuster where water has entered your home

Sources of Indoor Water
Indoor moisture comes from many places such as broken plumbing lines; overflowed toilets, sinks and tubs; malfunctioning appliances, etc. Once you are able to see evidence of water damage, there’s more damage than meets the eye. On the building’s exterior, excess water can come from leaky hose bibs, air conditioning condenser lines, downspouts and roof drains and more.

We Find Problems Early
Let Hindsight Infrared Services detect the sources of moisture in and around your home or building before it causes problems that are expensive to repair. If you would like a quote or more info, please fill out this form or click on the link to book an inspection.
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